Click Here to Draft an Athlete Today!

We challenge YOU to draft as many athletes as possible! For every $250 raised, you will draft a local athlete and receive:

  • Recognition on Guardians website
  • Social media photo & mention from Guardians
  • Personalized thank you

    Draft an Athlete Contributors:

    Jennifer Chown
    Martha Galloway
    Scott MacPhail
    Jason Blanchard
    Kelsie Burns
    Regan Lampman
    Rachel Schaus

    How do I draft an athlete?

    1. Click here to register
    2. Select either team or individual registration.
    3. On the Registration Type selection, select "Non-participant (Draft an Athlete ONLY)" - this will allow you to fundraise for the Draft an Athlete program without participating in the in-person/virtual run. Alternatively, you may register for the in-person or virtual run and a fundraising page will automatically be created with your event registration.
    4. Continue to follow the steps to create an account and complete the registration form.
    5. Share your fundraising page with your network and raise $250 or more to draft an athlete!
    6. A member of our team will be in touch once you have drafted an athlete!

    Alternatively, you can donate $250 to draft an athlete without needing to register!